According to Google, Change means to make or become different. The word ‘Change’ has become one of the most popular words in Nigeria especially since April 2015 elections, when the current ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) promised a change of things in Nigeria. What we did not know was whether the change would be Positive or Negative on Nigeria and Nigerians.
Barely one year, Nigeria has continually been bombarded with changes indeed from the sitting government.
So, can you say these changes are Positive or Negative? Why?

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That’s who you are

Here and there

No where!

Master of lusts

Mistresses adjoined


Wasted my ardor on you

Seeking the face of all

Wanting the hand of null

Casanova, cast-all-over

When will you come to me again

Let me revel in your wastefulness

Just for a night

Drive through that nile

Let it cost a mile

Mine is worth the while

We would waste the night

And indulge the day

Do not delay

Come today

Tomorrow may be late

Come, my yeast is stirred

Cast your amorous net

knotted with lewd wordage

It’s all flamesmoke, I know,

Yet, will I indulge

Wild wantonness! excessive waste!

Squanderous Pauper!

After the moon,

You’re left with a mood

Same words you said to Ella

Same you speak to me now

I’ll be done with you before you’re gone

Done with your variegated dances

Why did I trade my heart to you?

Dilly-dally robber!

Woo me once more

I’m good at falling for you.



 NPC_5132a copy

“No way! She definitely cannot be a staff of Chevron, Don’t you understand? Chevron is a big place for big big people, how possibly can someone so un-posh be part of this rich-man company? Haba!”

This was the soliloquy that took place on my first day at Chevron. One that quickly brings to mind the axiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I had woken up four times on the eve of my internship resumption. In between these times I kept looking at my pink clock, “Six am should not meet me at home. I have to be in Chevron before the mad traffic at the Chevron roundabout awakes”. When I could no longer bear waking up at intervals, I faced the bull, teared into the bathroom on 82 bps heartbeat and hurriedly wore my Christmas cloth. Make up was minimal, no plans to draw any special attention to my artistic talent talk less of my natural beauty (no, am not boasting). I practically dragged my mom out of her room to get in the car and by 6:30 am, we were already on our way. Within that short drive, Mom lectured me the umpteenth time, on my conduct before the Human Resource representative. Half of the lectures made it to my ear lobes the other half were ambushed by the worrying pendulum (louder than Dan Foster’s voice) in my heart. I just needed to be in Chevron, that’s all!

 By 8:00am I had checked in to Chevron and was seated at the reception area of the HR building; that was when my ordeal started. Let me quickly chip in one of my first observations: the yellow lines and the zebra crossing which I could write a full article on. I call it the guide-master. Those lines coordinate our movement within Chevron environment. It was one of Chevron’s safety precautions which on a lighter note, made us look like school children filing to the classroom only that there was no chant. It was a Nollywood sight to see Nigerians humbly trail only within those lines. Sure, anything is achievable. Even the way cars stopped before the Zebra crossing to allow people cross over is amazing. You could practically cat-walk while they waited. Try it outside! Finally, a young unassuming man walked up to us, by this time other interns had joined me. He introduced himself as Akin Ndubisi (not real name), I almost screamed!  You mean this…this chap has been the one giving me some tough time on phone? What?! I feigned a smile…only if he knew. Only if I knew we would later become friends and that he was even an intern whose internship would expire before mine. So Chevron employs this kind of people too? (I do not mean to sound rude but that is normally the perception about multinational firms). One would think Chevron like Accenture, would employ first class only, that wasn’t the case. What I saw was a mix of first class and mid-class brains, different religious expressions, young and old, calm and bold, queens-and-Pidging-English speaking, inward and outwardly beautiful people, students from high & low ranked Institutions, there was even someone who needed an aid to walk; all cultured by the Chevron Way.

After a while we were given a sort-of-an acceptance letter to read and append our signature, “…you will receive a monthly allowance of…” my eyes popped off their sockets! Six digits for internship?! Wake me up! Mind you, this was the first time I was going to be paid up to that amount as a BSc. holder talk less for internship, Mother Chevron! My signature became boisterous as the ink flowed faster and bolder. In my mind I pictured myself dropping my first fruit on the altar, totally grateful for this huge miracle. Yes, Chevron was and is a huge miracle for me, considering the countless unemployed qualified youths out there. Thank God for the internship exercise required by Pan Atlantic University after completing a Masters programme. By the time we were taken round the various onboarding processes, my make-up had abandoned me. Finally, i was introduced to my department. It was as if we had all been carefully selected at the Policy, Government and Public Affairs (PGPA) department. Want of formal words will fail me to describe the gentlemanly stylish & gorgoeus General Manager of PGPA, Mr. Deji Haastrup whom to me, seem to live by a “one word at time” axiom. The Communications Unit, headed by the amazing Reverend Sola Adebawo (the Pastor of Total Gospel Bible Church, Lekki) was my best experience. My amiable super – Mr. Olayiwola Adeniji was just too much, ah- ah!! Though, a male-dominated unit, I was pampered to bits by all apart from those who were able to detect my tom-boy traits. And how can i forget my loving ‘Mama’, Mrs. Nneka Ifejika aka NneGolden? With her i never ran out of breakfast supply and i could be myself. PGPA was indeed another family.

From my first step into Chevron environs, it was all about safety, health and energy. I was quickly introduced to materials that would help me acclimatize to the Chevron system. The Chevron Way: Vision, Values, Strategies; 10 Tenets of Operations and the Learning Management System which is an online training centre, were all so perfectly structured to reorient, inculcate, and imbibe a culture of safety, health and excellence in employees. It was a full acculturation programme. In Chevron, there are codes of conduct and clearly spelt out standard operating procedures for every task centered on safety. For Chevron, success is operating excellently with zero-incidence. You either do it right or not at all. It showed me that Chevron understood that although result is key for any Business, the processes for arriving at any result are crucial guarantors for formidable, resilient and admirable organizations. Fortunately this is my forte. Before Chevron, I had been opportune to work in 3 companies-a fast food business, an architectural firm and a media organization. The Quality Assurance control system in two of the three was incomparable with that of Chevron. My experience there had almost made me doubt the possibility of an effective and flexible staff welfare system in this side of the world. Although, Chevron’s Welfare system varies across employee status, it was substantial. And as a firm promoter of companies motivating staff through proficient staff welfare system, it was very easy for me to fall in love with Chevron. One of the policies I loved so much was the anti-harassment one. Being an omalicha, I felt protected and rewarded for my beauty and gender. It felt like a child with a Hulk Hogan-Dad. This was home for me. Furnished with these tools I decided to give my best to Chevron. I would resume work early and never closed until my task was done except at the insistence of my manager to go home early. I mean, where do you have a manager who advises his subordinates to close early in order to pay attention to other aspects of their lives? A place you resume at 7:30pm and actually close by 4:15pm? Where you can stop a task if the working conditions are not right or safe by exercising the Stop Work Authority? Tell me, would you not rather work with Chevron?

Truly, Chevron has touched my heart in several ways: I am safety-conscious and have become an enforcer of safety anywhere I go; at home, on the road, in a vehicle even when asleep. Thanks to trainings from Behavior Based System and Repetitive Stress Injury Guard. Even my twin brother has become a disciple of Safety First. My character has been developed through the E-Colour sessions. The E-Colour session is a self -development program that helps one discover his/her character strengths and weaknesses, learn how to maximize the strengths and transform the weaknesses into strengths to achieve the objectives of the business. As a red over blue, I have learnt to be a team player and successfully work with other colour combos.

As my internship curtain prepares to fall, I wish I could wish. Like a child leaving for boarding school the first time, I now duck and sulk on my way to work ignoring the once harmonic bird chirp that willfully sang to me every morning. The fresh-but-now-still air chokes my patched throat and wouldn’t let me swallow. My zips and buttons sensing an end of a bliss era, have initiated a difficulty-coup, I’m on my own now. My pinkie clock now ticks faster and before you know it, it’s 7:00am. “What’s wrong with you? I mumbled at the clock one day. The initially smooth and short drive has now deteriorated to a Lagos to Maiduguri voyage. My legs feel heavy and the white and green 16- seater buses I board to work seemed to all have flu, coughing at every pinch of the accelerator. Mtchewww…

Please Chevron, don’t let me go.


*OMALICHA- beautiful one

*FACED THE BULL – finally got up

*AH-AH! – an exclamation of wonder

*HABA – An exclamation like hia! Or wow!




I am here, you are there

I will reap, I will not sow

My leave is not without a soul

So gather ye before me, let me make my choice

Who is the fairest, the oldest, the richest, the poorest of you all

You! Yes you, You will go today!

Whirl your wind and file a suit if you like

I am yours and you are mine

We will marry today

Then exit tomorrow.


I am born again

What a claim

I am God’s child

What a right!

I belong to Christ

What an audacity for one to say!

Since all these are real

How could I fail?

Satan, no need to wait

Your bait has failed

Jesus broke my frail

And cursed your reign

He’s life now mine

Oh! What a thought!

To even dare

a thought so rare

I didn’t choose Him

I didn’t know Him

Yet the justice-cross

That nailed my pain

Cannot (all) relay

The life He gave

What wisdom besought me to say yes?

To see you as the true God

How did it enter this failing mind of man?

to consider your mercies?

What pity qualified my soul for your offer?

What mercies found me?

Your blood washed me

Your grace fixed me

Now, I’m righteous

Oh! This heart of mine

You must remember your story

Precious story of His honor

When God smiled on me;

Man of flesh

Beloved by the Lord

Muck & mud

Inundated with God

Permitted to spread the sweet –

fragrance of his conquest

I’ll spread my wings and glide,

To the farthest height

I will swing

Displaying the splendor

Of the only true Lord

Oh! May that day never be

When to the wasting wisdom of man,

I allow

For then I’d be a cow

Fallen too low to rebound

But in You I will repose

Lord Jesus, I am embraced

In You, I am born again



When did our children become mere figures?

When did 234 represent the lives of our young ones?

When did our future turn to past?

234 or 274, we want answers.

Bring back all of them: dead and captured

Release them! Release them all! Release our own!

You are definitely not part of us

That’s why you haunt us down

Stealing from us from dusk to dawn

Masked faces, coward killers

Education is the gateway to self- discovery

Our light out of the looming dark

Yet you claim its robbery

How dare you dare us to learn?

We know better to cower under your oppression

We don’t seek direction from blind fools!


Though your decaying blood-spills pollute our air,

We would breathe

Though the fleeing dust aroused by your intrusion disturb our vision

We are not without a vision

In the midst of the cries of our disvirgined flowers

We hear a tearing sound of your miserable defeat

Our victories, your losses

The forced water -burst of the undue pregnant one has yielded the

seed that would soon crush your decaying skull

We used to cry that death was man’s greatest foe

you have taken its place / we don’t see you better



All you are capable of, is stealing the wind

Yet you yourselves are not sure of tomorrow

What an irony of the hopeless killing Hope to obtain hope.

You could have raped the bodies of our future home makers

But you cannot come near their souls nor kidnap their spirits

Your doom comes faster than it is said

When you will be raped and ripped of your undeserved life and

corrupted sunshine

And every pint of blood of tens of thousands you sucked/gulped

Would be collected from you

Blood for blood, flesh for flesh, virginity for your genital Kebabs

Even mercy will turn red at your mention


Who gave you birth?

Whose breast milked you?

What calamity has she bred?

You were not meant to be


Leave them alone leave us alone

Fly away as far as you can monstrous freaks

Frankenstein’s is better than you

This is the land of the living, not cemeteries

This land is for humans, not beasts!


I would declare my freedom and still allow the fresh breeze

And though what I hear has left me with no ears

Yet will I not stir

I would listen with my spirit

And when next you strike

Your strokes will wither

When they come down on the peaceful

They will become wasted

Dispersing back to their senders as missiles


For we are not without Help

His rod and staff, they comfort us

He is a shield and a hedge around us

He’s our spokesperson

He would turn your strategies into a joke

And maim your name

For with your acts, you have declared yourselves gods

And denied the existence of God…

That was the day you failed!

You boast of omnipresent abilities;

the one who existed before existence will strike your presence

with grave putrefaction


You take the ones He made for His pleasure?

You have dug your graves!

EDUCATION has come to stay

The Sun has strengthened its shine

The day just began.